Fashion By Jenni

{November 20, 2007}   Today’s Outfit

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted even though I’d been planning on writing everyday. From now on I’m really going to try to stick with that *crosses fingers*. Anyways I haven’t forgotten about the blog, but instead been brainstorming for ideas. I even did a makeover on a friend, which will hopefully be up soon. (With her permission of course)

So one of my ideas from my brainstorming was putting up pictures of the outfits I wear. This won’t happen ever day, because I’m only doing one post a day so when would you get to see the other stuff? This helps both of us, because it encourages me to dress cute and it gets everyone’s creative juices pumping.

My friend came over and I was in a rush to put an outfit together. I saw the brown dress and wasn’t sure what to match it with. There was an aqua jacket I usually match it with, but decided to be daring so I looked for something to make the outfit more unique. After all, aren’t I supposed to take my own advice and try new things? I can’t be giving it unless I use it. So, I was looking around for an outfit and decided upon the aqua blue ruffly shirt. At first I wasn’t sure about the shirt, because it didn’t completly match the color scheme. However, I decided if it doesn’t look good the worse that will happen is I will take it off. The chance of having to spend a few seconds taking off the outfit is a worthy trade off if you can potentially get a new favorite outfit.

So, I tried it on and at first I worried that it didn’t match enough. But then I remember I could bend rules to my advantage. I decided it was good enough and showed it to my friend, so I could obtain a second opinion. It doesn’t matter what your friends think, but it’s always nice to have a second opinion. Even if my friend said she hated it I probably would have worn it anyways, but still it is nice to know what people are thinking. So I think I’ve fallen in love with this outfit. What do you think?  


i think we should wear what is comfortable to us . thatas it!

jess0747 says:

yes, you look very cute jenni :]

you look all dazy :]

where’s that one picture i said should be on your blog?

jess0747 says:


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