Fashion By Jenni

{November 22, 2007}   Makeover: The BEFORE of My Friend Jessie

My friend Jessie has never been big on fashion. She could care less what the latest trends are, but agreed to let me experiment with her and let me post it on the site. Jessie has been a good sport about it all and she looks beautiful however she dresses, but she thought it’d be fun. This is the before of the makeover meaning it will be a two part segment. This will show her before we redid her and give some information on her.


 The Basics   

 Her height is around 5’6.   

 Her torso is shorter than her legs proportion wise.   

Her lashes are slightly thin and curl a little bit but not a lot.   

 She has a heart shaped face which means she has a narrow chin and her forehead is wider than her chin.   

 She has blue eyes that don’t change colors   

 Her hair is died a dirty blonde   

 Some questions I asked her   

1.    When you hear the word fashion you think…Gossip Girl and New York   

2.    The ideal version of yourself would have… No pimples, thinner stomach, thinner arms, and bigger boobs.   

3.    You like your… Eyes, hair, lips, and sometimes my legs.   

Some questions she had for me   

1.    How can I make my arms look thinner? Wide sleeves that are long make your arms appear thinner. This happens because the comparison from extremely wide sleeves to anything thinner makes the proportions of your arms appear slimmer.   However this doesn’t have the same effect when you try wide, short sleeves.   

2.     How do I put the focus on the thinnest part of my body? A few inches under the bust is the thinnest part of your body. To put emphasize try an empire waist gown or kimono shirt. By making that part tight and the rest of the outfit looser it gives you an hourglass figure. The kimono shirt shoots two birds with one stone, because it provides thinner looking arms and focuses on the thinnest part of your body   


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