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{November 23, 2007}   Makeover: The AFTER of my friend Jessie




If you didn’t read the Before part of the makeover than please read the first part of the segment to get some basic info on Jessie and find out what she wants out of this makeover.


To begin the makeover I put some makeup on her. First I applied a base coat of mineral foundation. She feels a self conscious about having pimples as all of us teenagers do, so I applied some concealer to cover it up. Jessica doesn’t have a good concealer, so I advised to her buy one because it will be well worth her money. Then, I got out my eye shadow case and settled on a navy blue color. To begin I smeared it on her eye, so the color would blend with her skin because it was day out and you don’t want to have overly dark makeup on during the day. After I went over it with light, sparkly green and put it on the creases and brow bone. To finish off her look I put on a hint of lip gloss to show off one of her more prominent features.


When we finished we were whisked away to the mall to begin the transformation. Our first stop in the mall was Forever Twenty One. In the store I began to pick out outfits for Jessie to wear however she felt uncomfortable in them and felt they didn’t look right on her. She requested for me to not take any pictures in there and I complied. Fashion to me is all about what you feel comfortable in. I would still hate fashion if I didn’t love the stuff I wore, so I completely understood how she felt. When I was picking out clothes I wanted her to try on only the stuff she felt comfortable in, because even if the stuff looked cute on her if she didn’t feel comfortable in it she wouldn’t wear it.


Our next stop was Charlotte Russe. We found some cute corsets and tried them on for fun, but to Jessie’s dismay they didn’t really work in the sense of making you appear any skinnier when you wear something over it. They were short too and barely covered my belly. Unlike Jessie if I’d bought them I wouldn’t have worn them on inside, but on the outside over a white shirt. I had Jessie try on a cream striped shirt (picture one). The sweater pulled it together and made a nice contrast. After her putting it on I realized maybe stripes weren’t the best look for since it can have a widening effect. However, despite that I liked the look on her. The next outfit she tried on was the outfit pictured as the “After” of her makeover. Overall this was definitely my favorite outfit on her and I adore the colors on her. The pop of raspberry red really pulls the outfit together. And the sweater doesn’t overwhelm her frame.


Our final stop for Jessie was Anchor Blue. The first outfit she tried on was the blue shirt with miniature popcorn like flowers (picture two). I felt the outfit would have better with a skirt, but she dislikes them so she didn’t try any on. My only problem with the shirt is the sleeves. They tighten at the end and would have looked more pleasing if they have been widest at the end in a cylinder shape. Also, larger prints look better than smaller prints. The color looks great on her though. The next outfit I had her wear was the yellow and blue plaid shirt. Once again I feel the plaid shirt would have looked even better with something other than jeans like a skirt, but it still looks cute. And the sleeves once again bugged me. If the shirt would have been A line it would have been more flattering for her figure. However, the color was gorgeous on her and the pattern was very modern. The final outfit she tried on was the hoodie and was my favorite on her in this store (last picture). Her torso is not as long as her legs are, so the length of this complements her body. Also, the shirt glides over hips and has a slimming effect. The colors break up her midsection. This also was her favorite outfit on her at this store and she enjoyed the versatile hoodie.

This is the end of the makeover and overall I believe it was a success, because Jessie liked some of the outfits she tried on and it gave her some ideas. Hopefully, this will also help other people with their wardrobe ideas. Please tell me your thoughts so I can improve my future makeover stories and keep some aspects you find appealing.




Jessie says:

style for plus sizes?!


I thought it’d make you laugh that’s why I put in on there :)

There changed to “curvy girls” my gorgeous curvilicous girl

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