Fashion By Jenni

{November 24, 2007}   My Top 5 Favorite Fashion Trends This Season

I decided to make a list of my favorite trends, because there have been a lot of trends that have inspired me. I don’t really follow trends too much, but get inspiration from them for outfit ideas. To me trends are merely guidelines that can be kept or brushed away.

5) Ankle Boots– The only kind of ankle boots I like are the ones with heels on them, but those are one of my favorite categories of shoes. I hold them in high esteem, because they really emphasize the ankle and gives off a very distinct look. Also, heels in general make your legs look skinner and more toned.

4) Grey Skinny Jeans– Grey is supposed to the “it” color this season, so it was perfect for jeans to also follow this trend. The first time I saw the grey skinny jeans in a magazine I fell in love. I instantly wanted a pair, because grey matches practically everything. Also, like most people the majority of my jeans are blue so I was excited to add some variety. The skinny jeans may have been in style last year, but this adds some flavor and keeps the trend from becoming repetitive.

3) Colored Leggings– Colored Leggings are so high fashion. Black leggings is fine, but when you are at a party it just screams “safe!”. Vibrantly colored leggings can really pull an outfit together especially if you pair them with an all black outfit which gives it a pop of color. This is one of my favorite trends, because you can have so many varieties of unique colors and it can pull an outfit together you weren’t sure how to match.

2) Jumper– I have really fallen in love with the jumper this season. The style is a very classic look from many years ago and shows that styles’ appeal can still stay after all these years. A jumper paired a with a shirt underneath gives off a school girl-ish look and emphasizes the bust without giving off much cleavage and remaining cute. Also, it is very versatile. During the hotter times it allows you to be able to wear it just as a dress while in the frigid months you can pair it with a long sleeve shirt underneath and jeans.

1) Baby Doll– The baby doll look is my favorite fashion trend for a legion of reasons. I’m so sick of all the girls who are trying to look overly sexy when they are only ten years old. When you try to hard to look sexy it just cheapens the look, but the baby doll goes for cute over sexy similar to gothic lolita.  I’m in love with lace, ruffles, and pretty patterns so this the perfect look for me. It is perfect, because it lets you look cute without going to an extreme and making you look like a five year old.


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