Fashion By Jenni

{November 25, 2007}   Fashion Clones

Why are there so many Hollister clones at schools? Why does it seem like everyone is too terrified to make their own fashion decisions? People are so terrified of what other people will think they refuse to be different and let themselves stand out. They don’t realize how much blending in will hurt them.

Blending in with everyone else may work for the short term, but hinders them in the long term. By stepping out of their safe zone they are letting themselves be vulnerable and that scares people. It may scare people so much that they never step out of their comfort zone.

By taking that first tiny step of making fashion decisions they are allowing themselves to step out of their safe zone in more crucial situations. If people don’t take chances with small things like this how will be they able to step out of their comfort zones and take  a chance with something like running their own business? If entrepreneurs hadn’t quit their day job and taken a chance they wouldn’t be earning the money they are today. There was a risk when they quit their job and maybe they failed. But they can always go back and get their jobs. However, if they hadn’t tried they never would have had a chance.

People are fearful of what their friends will think of them if they change their fashion. And they have reason to, because sometimes people won’t like you anymore when you change. If your friends don’t like you anymore than you are lucky, because you find out who your true friends are. One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” A real friend will be with you no matter how you change and won’t try to control you.

By experimenting with styles you are discovering what you like. The worst that will happen is someone won’t like it. And what is that big deal if someone doesn’t like it? You just brush it off and keep feeling fabulous, because at least you like. Fashion isn’t about trying to please everyone, because no matter how hard you try not everyone is going to like the stuff you wear or even you in general. That’s just life. Fashion should be about wearing what you like and expressing your individuality, so the next time you are in a clothing store try on something you love but aren’t sure your friends will like try it on.  Accepting yourself is way more fulfilling than having other people accept you.


Alice says:

I completely agree with you. I have a friend that shops at hollister. Even though she has so much potential when it comes to personal style, she is a total drone.

Jess says:

I know what you mean, I have never shopped at holiister and I never intend on doing so. I pride myself on the fact that I look different, it’s who I am. I hate when I walk into school that see the exact same billboard hollister shirt on like 10 people. Our school has recently proposed to where uniforms and everyone objected to them, but at times I think to myself what does it matter you all look the same anyway.


P.S. way to go to all the people out there that take the chance to look different.

Princess Bee says:

I struggle sometimes too. I mean girls will be totally mean to you if your not “in” and if you don’t have big boobs, and if you don’t shop a certain places. It’s wrong! Although in hight school, there is a bit more diversity with what people wear. Although it’s still pretty bad. There shoulf be a shirt that say, “I’m not a Hollister Clone” or something like that.

Lots Of Love


Princess Bee

i realize why there are hollister clones and it usually deals with having a problem with popularity and being themselves……usually popular people like that take it for granted….”wear what you want” is my suggestion….. they laugh, well then jen, just smile and wave…

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