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{November 26, 2007}   Some Clothes From My Christmas List

So I was looking through some websites for some outfits that I might want for Christmas. I know it is a little early to start thinking about that stuff yet, because it isn’t even December yet! However, last year we didn’t even start getting ready for Christmas until a few days before so maybe being prepared is worthwhile. So, if you are unsure what you want on your Christmas List read on.

1. Pleated Plaid Mini Skirt- I saw this skirt on and immediately loved the color design. I love black and pink together, because they are complete opposites when people think of the stereotypes of the two colors. The button design is gorgeous and has a unique look. I love how there are two buttons on each of the two ends instead of the ordinary giant button in the middle. The only downside is that it is 12.5 inches long which might be too mini.

2. Plead Tweed Coat- Here we go again more plaid with black and pink coloring. I saw this and really loved the pattern and cut of it. It looks very comfortable and like something I could wear with numerous outfit combination because you can see the top of the outfit due the cut. The only problem is that because it is a coat I’m not sure how long I will be able to wear it because it is rather seasonal. Plus at a steep price tag of 40 dollars at Forever 21 I’m not sure if its worth it, but I’m not expecting any of this just getting ideas together.

3. Satin Robe Tunic- I saw this and immediately loved the zen aspect of the outfit and because it reminded me of Japan. I can almost feel the smooth, silky fabric clinging to my skin. I really like this and it has some potential in my wardrobe because it has a black color which matches pretty much everything. However, once again at Forever Twenty One it is overpriced at 38 dollars.

4. Maggie Shoe In Pewter- So the first time I saw these shoes I wasn’t sure about them, but I’ve really started to love them. They have a really retro feel to them and remind me of something my mother would have worn when she was younger. The color is great and I have a feeling will match the majority of my wardrobe. Plus they are ankle boots which are listed on my Top 5 Favorite Trends Article. They have a 3.5 inch heel and I’m worried because of my klutziness I might fall.

Pleated Plaid Mini Plaid Tweed Coat Satin Tunic RobeMaggie Shoes In Pewter

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