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{November 30, 2007}   An Overview of November’s Posts

It is the last day of November, so I decided to put up a piece that gives an overview of my blog posts this month. I plan to do this the last day of every month from now on. Since my blog hasn’t even been around for a full month this won’t be as long as my future end of the month overviews. I figured that if you go back and look at previous months this would be a simple way to figure out which posts interest you.

I won’t only be talking about the new posts, but what progress has occurred on the site in about a paragraph. Well, I started my blog 17 days ago and I am impressed with the progress it is having. I understood when I first created this blog that I wouldn’t be having too many viewers in the first month, but I am excited to announce I have hit 200 page views. While, this might not be too exciting compared to site who get hundreds time more per day you have to start out small. Also, next month I plan on being more consistent with posting. This month was more about tinkering and brainstorming how things will work, so I believe I am starting to get the hang of it. The biggest news is that either next month or early next year I will be most likely obtaining my own domain. I’m very excited about this prospect and if you know of any exceptional domain hosts please let me know. Now for a description for each of the posts this month.

My introduction post gives information about why I started the blog and my motivation behind all my posts. It also gives some basic history about when I started liking fashion and why. This was my first post ever for the blog, which was kicked off on November 13th. Now for an overview of the posts I wrote in the blog this month, so you can decide for yourself which ones you are interested in without having to go through all the posts.

My next post was one of my most popular posts and has got the most hits out of the rest so far. My Add Personality To Your Clothes Article was about adding personality to your outfits and was one of my most thought out  articles. It has a quiz to help you define your fashion and then tells you what to do with what you learned about yourself.

I had an idea to occasionally post the outfit I wore that day to give people ideas from what I am wearing to possibly incorporate in their outfits. So far I’ve posted one called Today’s Outfit where I’m wearing a dress that keeps from being average with a ruffled shirt underneath.

I created a place for you to ask your fashion questions that I could answer in future articles. I did this so my articles could be relevant to what my readers are interested in.

My makeover of my friend Jessie with her consent took the most effort to write. It is a two part article. In the Before Section of it gives a picture taken before the makeover and what she wanted out of the makeover along with some fashion questions she asked. The After of the Makeover gives pictures of her transformation and descriptive details of what occurred in the makeover. It gives information of how we did her makeup and why certain outfits she tried on looked good or could have looked better on her.

I decided to make a list of my favorite fashion trends this season since magazines discuss the trends of the season, but they don’t discuss what looks best on people and why or why not they like the trends. I also wrote it so people would know where I get some of my inspiration for outfits.

Many high school seems as if they are overrun by Hollister look alikes and it makes you wonder if when we are older we are all going to dress exactly like people do now. It seems as if people can’t think for themselves and I wrote an article why being a fashion clone is negative and what a positive effect choosing fashion for yourself is.

We had put up the Christmas tree soon after Thanksgiving and I decided to get into the Christmas season by putting up a post about what clothes I had on my Christmas List and the pros and cons of each item. I figured it would give people some ideas of possible outfits for Christmas if they were stumped.

Lately, I have become very intrigued by style icons who are still influential after their deaths. Audrey Hepburn sparked my attention in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and so I began to research as I result she became my favorite dead actress. Her style influences designers even today, so I decided to write an article about why she is my style icon of the past.

So, that’s all the articles from this month and I hope you enjoyed this overview of the blog. It is the end of the first month for this blog and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Please give me some feed back about how I could improve my overviews for each month, because I plan on doing this at the end of every month.


jessie says:

why are you getting your own domain?!


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