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{December 1, 2007}   Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet

Today I was supposed to clean out my closet. I was going to do this, because I wanted to get rid of stuff and so I could realize what I have.  Cleaning out your closet can help get you organized and get rid of what stuff you don’t need.  Sometimes we don’t even realize what clothes we have, because they are all bunched together. Some reasons for cleaning your closet are: growing, it has become too unorganized, you don’t have room, or your style has changed. Below are the steps to cleaning out your closet efficiently.

1. First take everything out of your closet, so that your closet is completely bare. Make sure there is nothing in there, so you can figure out how much space you have and how much stuff you can fit inside realistically. I personally set everything on my bed, because it forces me to complete the task if I want to go to sleep.

2. I highly recommend you clean the closet while it is empty using some household cleaning products. We spend so much money buying clothes, so we should take good care of them. By getting rid of the dust we won’t have to wash our outfits as much and this can prevent stains.

3. Get two baskets. The first basket is for outfits you are throwing away, because they are too trashed to give away or selling. The second basket is for donating or selling. If you don’t like the outfit, never wear, or it doesn’t fit you put it in the donation/selling basic. If the outfit is damaged beyond repair then put it in the throw away basket. A lot of people are pack rats and hate to give away stuff, but if you are never going to use something it is just taking up precious space.

Ask yourself these questions when determining whether or to put the piece of clothing into one of the two piles: When was the last time I wore it? Does it fit me anymore? (Try it on to see) Do I even like it and does it match anything in my closet?

4. Categorize the outfits into piles according to type of outfit. I start out by organizing the outfits into shirt, pants, skirts, sweaters, dresses, and shoes sections. While putting everything into those sections remember to put stuff into the give away/sell basket or throw away basket.

5. Subcategorize each category. I start with shirts and organize them into these categories: long sleeve shirts, 3 quarter length shirts, short sleeved shirts, tanktops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, workout shirts, and pajama shirts. I go into great detail, because this way when you are going through your closet you know exactly where to look for specific pieces.

6. Put together outfits. Since everything is set out it is a perfect opportunity to put together outfits. I enjoy doing this so you have outfits you can just throw on in the mornings instead of having to think through everything. This is my favorite part of the process, because it allows you to use your creativity.

7. Make an order for everything to be in. On the left side of my closet I start from longest sleeve shirts to 3 quarter length shirts to short sleeve shorts, ect. in an order of longest to no sleeves. So basically my left side of my closet is all shirts of all varieties because that is majority of my wardrobe. The right half of the closet is used for pants that start full length and end at shorts. Then, I have skirts in length order once again. Next to them are dresses. There are is a small space between everything on the right side where my ready to wear outfits are seperated from everything. This is the order I put my closet into, but you can organize it in any order you want such as by colors or materials the clothes are made of.

To reduce having to clean out your closet as often try to have a space where you can put clothing when you don’t have time to organize it, so it can be put in its proper place later. Otherwise everything will be thrown together and the orderliness will be lost. Tell me your tips and stories for cleaning out your closet.


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