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{December 6, 2007}   It’s Been Awhile Since I’ve Written

I haven’t written in a few days, because there has been a tragedy this week. The entire family has been trying to deal with it and I just haven’t felt any inspiration to write. After all, you wouldn’t want to read something if I didn’t put my heart into it. To add insult to injury I’ve been sick on top of all we’ve been dealing with, so I haven’t given much thought to the blog. However, I don’t want to neglect it and have a feeling that keeping up with it will help me through my pain.

I made a decision about the blog before we heard the news about the tragedy and my decision was that I was going to start writing on the blog every other day. I figured this way I could put more time and effort into each post. Quality over quantity. (Which means fewer mistakes and I won’t be editing it after I post it anymore) Occasionally I may post more often because I am just itching to, but I will try to resist the temptation. So, for the next week or two I am going to be experimenting with posting every other day. And yes, despite the tragedy I will begin posting again. Although, I might be feeling too emotional this weekend and not have the strength to do it, but for sure by next Wednesday I will be posting again.


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