Fashion By Jenni

{December 11, 2007}   Betsey Johnson’s Holiday Showcase

Is it worth paying 400 dollars for a seasonal dress? For me the answer is no, but the new seasonal outfits leave me drooling despite their jaw-dropping price tag. I have recently began to adore Betsey Johnson’s outfits and actually learn who she is. For awhile I thought she was related to Johnson & Johnson and had something to do with them. For those you who don’t know Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer with extremely unique fashion. Usually, when people buy designer clothes you can find a generic replica for 90% of the price. With Betsey’s clothing I rarely come across outfits similar to hers and her designs are the only ones worth the designer price (of course I’d only buy it on triple clearance). The holidays are coming up and maybe for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve bash we can dream about or maybe even buy some of these fantastic outfits.

Evening April Dress- I love the unqiue blend of blue and pink together. It gives off a bit of a nutcracker feeling. Trust me, at any party you will be the only one wearing this outfit for sure. The fact that it is strapless stops it from become to ballerina-ish and the lace at the top really pulls it together. My favorite part of the outfit is the silhouette, which is so becoming. I have always adored having a tight top and having it puff out at the bottom.

Evening Drizella Slip Dress- I love how the top and the bottom part of the dress’s material contrast, but at the same time compliment each other. The straps are nice for girls like me who are nervous about having their décolletage falling out for the world to see. The material of the top is sequined and brings the attention to upper half, which may be good or bad depending on your body type. The differing materials are separated by a ribbon, which can can breaks up your body similar to the way a belt breaks up a dress. The bottom’s material reminds me of the flowing material we used for dance lessons and it has an eloquent feel.

Evening Mariana Ruffled Corset Dress- Everyone has fallen in love with corsets this season even though none of them make people look skinner any more. There is just something about how they emphasize your upper half. The corset looks fabulous and it wouldn’t have the same feel if it weren’t strapless. I also like the cut at the top how it isn’t a straight line, but curves up and down emphasizing the chest. This dress really takes advantage of that silhouette I mentioned earlier. This silhouette is what really draws me to Betsey and what makes her seem different from the rest of the designer stores where you could buy the same thing anywhere else for cheaper.

Each of the outfits are pictured below in the order mentioned. I wish I could get something like this for Christmas, but I could never forgive myself for spending that much on a dress. Check out Betsey Johnson’s Website for clothes by her and tell me what you think of her outfits. Would you have chosen different outfits by her for your favorite of her holiday collection?

Evening April Dress       Evening Drizilla Slip Dress       Evening Mariana Ruffled Corset Dress


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