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{December 12, 2007}   America’s Next Top Model Cycle Nine Winner should have faced Jenah

I believe they picked the wrong girl to go home when they determined the final two. I was dismayed when they chose Jenah to go home, because even Tyra admits she had the best pictures in the competition and some were better than current top models. Her photos blew away the competition, but she got kicked off. Tyra really didn’t give a reason for kicking her off the show and I think I can infer the reason. It was her personality.

Jenah’s personality got her kicked off the show. The show wasn’t ready to step out of it’s box and pick the girl who is different from the normal overly bubbly models. They picked the generic models to go against each other and this has ruined the show for me in some aspects. Maybe Jenah wasn’t constantly all bright and happy, but she had her own unique personality. The other girls personalities felt exactly the same to me and there wasn’t anything about them that stood out.

Girls asked for a role model, but instead they got the same generic clone tossed at them. We want someone unique who at least has some personality and isn’t perfect. We want someone who is real and down to earth. We want someone who has gone through pain and we have seen change in the show. We want someone who is like us. She has real emotions and isn’t always overly cheery. When she is sad she shows it. She is like the people I know in real life and isn’t acting fake. Instead she is herself and like me is trying to find herself.

We saw Jenah cry after trying to stay strong for so long and have seen her show remorse. This show hasn’t impacted Chantell or Saleisha in any way. They have remained stoic and unmoving. Saleisha may have won the contest, but do we want her?


Anonymous says:

I think the best girl won because obviously, what they saw in saleisha was different from the rest. I loved Saliesha from start to finish. The best girl one the contest and it was Saliesha!!

Anonymous says:

She was better than chantal in the runaway, she deserved it more than anyone else in the competition!!

Skye Norly says:

I loved you, Selisha. You were absolutly amazing. Congrats on winning. I hope your carrier will go on as long as you hope. Dont ever quit, like Ebony. I love ya.

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