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{December 31, 2007}   An Overview of December’s Posts

This post is part of my monthly ritual of giving an overview of the month’s posts and progress on the last day of the month. December has been my first full month of posting and I have made more progress than I expected.

Last month, according to my Overview of November’s Posts, I had hit 200 page views and was ecstatic. At the time of this post I have hit 800 overall page views or 600 this month. I obtained many of these views from winning a contest for a “WordPress for Dummies” book at The largest change in the blog this month was my decision to write every other day, so my posts are written better and aren’t rushed. Occasionally, I skip a day or write posts back to back. However, I am trying to become more consistent about my posting style. Another thing I changed is the format of this month’s overview, so it is easier to skim and read the parts you are interested in. I can’t believe this is the last post of the month, but I hope next year is more amazing than this year.

Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet– This was my first post of the month, yet the longest post of the entire month. On that day I was supposed to clean out my closet, but decided write a post about cleaning out my closet first. The post ended up motivating me to finish my closet. The guide has step by step instructions and gives specific examples of what I do when I clean out my own closet.

Decision about posting frequency– I describe the reason why I had taken a few days off from posting due to personal reasons, but I also describe the executive decision I made for the blog. The posts goes into detail about why I am posting every other day versus every single day.

How to Dress for A Funeral– During a time of grief you don’t want to worry about what you are going to wear to a funeral of a loved one. I give some basic guide lines to follow and gives some does and don’ts about how to dress. Read it so you can just spend your time grieving instead of worrying about accidentally offending someone.

Betsey Johnson’s Holiday Showcase– I could never justify spending 400 dollars on a dress, but I can’t help gazing at her gorgeous creations. Her dresses are one of the few designer outfits that you can’t find a replica for 90 percent of the price. I love unique styles and I describe in the article what I love about her dresses. If I were good at sewing I would make similar dresses. Do you agree with my choices for my favorite dresses?

America’s Next Top Model Winner Should’ve Been Jenah– I was annoyed when Saleisha won instead of Jenah. The reason Jenah didn’t go into the final two is because of her personality. Does modeling have anything to do with personality? I thought modeling was all about taking fantastic pictures, but not according to Tyra. She said Jenah needed to be a role model, but I thought she was better role model than the other girls. I’m sick of the exact type of girls winning ANTM. They are all generic clones with the exact same overly happy personality.

What is Gothic Lolita?– I’ve had numerous people ask what Gothic Lolita is, so I decided to post the linguistics of it and how to wear the style. This is a great beginners guide for people interested in wearing Gothic Lolita. I have written the guidelines to wearing it, so you can add your own creativity to the style while staying within boundaries.

My Favorite Gothic Lolita Clothing from Metamorphose– This ended up being my most popular post of the month. My guess is that people are looking for outfits to wear that are Gothic Lolita and they wanted to read about the pros and cons of each of these outfits. After all, these outfits aren’t cheap, because they have to be shipped all the way from Japan and dollar isn’t doing to well against the yen.

How to Wear the Categories of Lolita– Many people who know what Lolita is are under the impression that Gothic Lolita is the only type. I assumed this too until I discovered there were numerous categories and this was a common stereotype. There is everything from Pirate Lolita to Classic Lolita. In the article I describe what the different categories are and ways to wear them.

Blogging Goals for 2008– The new year arrives soon and I wanted to have my goals written out. Plus, I wanted to enter the contest. I have all my goals written out for next year. If you are intrigued to see where my vision for Fashion By Jenni than read on.

A Review of We Love Color Tights– I bought three pairs of tights at the site We Love Colors. I was ecstatic when they finally arrived, but grew disappointed the moment I tried a pair on. The post has the pros and cons of buying the tights. There is a lot of room for improvement and it is up to your personal opinion to decide whether the negative outweighs the positive. I wrote this review, so you could know what you are getting into before you buy them.

Review of Express Tights– When I returned my We Love Color tights I was still in need of some colored tights. I was too cautious to be optimistic after my last purchase, but I wasn’t disappointed this time. There were a few negatives, but I felt the pros far outweighed the cons. You can read it and make your own opinion of whether or not they are worthwhile.


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