Fashion By Jenni

Do you really want another blog about the same uninspired outfits? If you are stuck in a fashion rut, trying to find your own style, or just plain out like fashion you will enjoy this blog.

My name is Jenni and I decided to create this blog, because I wanted to be able to express my opinion about fashion to the world. And what better way than over the internet? I was pondering creating a blog and at first was a little confused as to what to create it about. One night my mother and I were having a discussion about the outfit I was planning on wearing, because of our differing views on fashion. She prefers a more by the rules and safe approach to fashion. While I on the other hand prefer a more “out of the box look” as she likes to point out. I guess you can say my style is unique and I like to look to other eras (victorian especially) and cultures (mainly Japan) as references.

So basically, I was thinking, “Why can’t I put out my opinion out on the internet and show off these outfits I wear?” I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has some individuality. I figured it would inspire me to not toss together clothes without putting much thought into. Plus, I enjoy stating my opinion, which my friends will quickly attest to. I’m so sick of the same old outfits without a spark of creativity put into them. Although, I admit to doing this at times, but that is part of the reason I wrote this blog to inspire me NOT to do that. Afterall, do you really want to read another blog about the same uninspired outfits?

I wasn’t always intrigued by fashion. Actually, for years I used to despise going shopping and would want to leave soon after arriving. Even when we were shopping for me I would still want to leave. However, this year I really transformed my life and decided to take my style more into my own hands similar to what I’ve done with my life. It came to my attention the reason I’d despised shopping so much. The reason was because it was always the same things in different colors and not even the least bit of creativity was poured into it. I’ve finally come to grow into my style and thought I could express my individuality and clothing choices while some other people could get out of a fashion rut or find inspiration for their own clothing.

My clothing style still tends to follow the “fashion rules”, but at times I bend them to my liking. If people didn’t bend them at all we would all look exactly the same (which at times people do). I don’t always go by the hottest trends and I just wear what I adore. I have a fetish for lace and love the porcelain doll look on me despite them not being the hottest trend. Well, so now that I’ve introduced myself onto the good stuff: fashion!

The site now has email subscription and reader subscription. If you have any questions about how to use this or are having any problems feel free to contact me.

To contact me please email me at: or leave a comment.


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