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I believe they picked the wrong girl to go home when they determined the final two. I was dismayed when they chose Jenah to go home, because even Tyra admits she had the best pictures in the competition and some were better than current top models. Her photos blew away the competition, but she got kicked off. Tyra really didn’t give a reason for kicking her off the show and I think I can infer the reason. It was her personality.

Jenah’s personality got her kicked off the show. The show wasn’t ready to step out of it’s box and pick the girl who is different from the normal overly bubbly models. They picked the generic models to go against each other and this has ruined the show for me in some aspects. Maybe Jenah wasn’t constantly all bright and happy, but she had her own unique personality. The other girls personalities felt exactly the same to me and there wasn’t anything about them that stood out.

Girls asked for a role model, but instead they got the same generic clone tossed at them. We want someone unique who at least has some personality and isn’t perfect. We want someone who is real and down to earth. We want someone who has gone through pain and we have seen change in the show. We want someone who is like us. She has real emotions and isn’t always overly cheery. When she is sad she shows it. She is like the people I know in real life and isn’t acting fake. Instead she is herself and like me is trying to find herself.

We saw Jenah cry after trying to stay strong for so long and have seen her show remorse. This show hasn’t impacted Chantell or Saleisha in any way. They have remained stoic and unmoving. Saleisha may have won the contest, but do we want her?


{December 11, 2007}   Betsey Johnson’s Holiday Showcase

Is it worth paying 400 dollars for a seasonal dress? For me the answer is no, but the new seasonal outfits leave me drooling despite their jaw-dropping price tag. I have recently began to adore Betsey Johnson’s outfits and actually learn who she is. For awhile I thought she was related to Johnson & Johnson and had something to do with them. For those you who don’t know Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer with extremely unique fashion. Usually, when people buy designer clothes you can find a generic replica for 90% of the price. With Betsey’s clothing I rarely come across outfits similar to hers and her designs are the only ones worth the designer price (of course I’d only buy it on triple clearance). The holidays are coming up and maybe for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve bash we can dream about or maybe even buy some of these fantastic outfits.

Evening April Dress- I love the unqiue blend of blue and pink together. It gives off a bit of a nutcracker feeling. Trust me, at any party you will be the only one wearing this outfit for sure. The fact that it is strapless stops it from become to ballerina-ish and the lace at the top really pulls it together. My favorite part of the outfit is the silhouette, which is so becoming. I have always adored having a tight top and having it puff out at the bottom.

Evening Drizella Slip Dress- I love how the top and the bottom part of the dress’s material contrast, but at the same time compliment each other. The straps are nice for girls like me who are nervous about having their décolletage falling out for the world to see. The material of the top is sequined and brings the attention to upper half, which may be good or bad depending on your body type. The differing materials are separated by a ribbon, which can can breaks up your body similar to the way a belt breaks up a dress. The bottom’s material reminds me of the flowing material we used for dance lessons and it has an eloquent feel.

Evening Mariana Ruffled Corset Dress- Everyone has fallen in love with corsets this season even though none of them make people look skinner any more. There is just something about how they emphasize your upper half. The corset looks fabulous and it wouldn’t have the same feel if it weren’t strapless. I also like the cut at the top how it isn’t a straight line, but curves up and down emphasizing the chest. This dress really takes advantage of that silhouette I mentioned earlier. This silhouette is what really draws me to Betsey and what makes her seem different from the rest of the designer stores where you could buy the same thing anywhere else for cheaper.

Each of the outfits are pictured below in the order mentioned. I wish I could get something like this for Christmas, but I could never forgive myself for spending that much on a dress. Check out Betsey Johnson’s Website for clothes by her and tell me what you think of her outfits. Would you have chosen different outfits by her for your favorite of her holiday collection?

Evening April Dress       Evening Drizilla Slip Dress       Evening Mariana Ruffled Corset Dress

{December 8, 2007}   How To Dress For a Funeral

Yesterday my mother and I went shopping for a funeral dress. I announced two days ago that there had been a tragedy in the family and gave the reason I hadn’t posted in a while. In that post I said I was going to begin writing again, because I felt writing would heal me. When we were shopping for my funeral dress I figured maybe I could help people who were going through the same thing in my own way. When you go through a tragedy you don’t want to dwell on what you are going to wear, because all you can think about is the person you lost. So, I decided to write this post so you can just read this instead of spending your time searching the internet when you could be grieving.

You don’t always have to wear black. The deceased would want you to show up for the celebration of their life wearing a color that expresses you. Black is a usual color of mourning, but you can express your personality by wearing  a color. Just don’t go too over the top with colors and wear a color that is too bold. If you are wearing a color I suggest going with subdued colors such as plum purple or royal blue. Hot pink or neon colors are a definite no-no.

Make sure the outfit is respectful. Everyone will be mourning and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself in the wrong way by wearing something people might consider scandalous. You might always wear mini skirts, but this isn’t the time or place for them. Also, fishnets and low cuts shirts aren’t right for this occasion. Dresses and skirts can be above the knee, but make sure your butt isn’t showing. The general rule is if it is breaking your school or work dress code than it wouldn’t be appropriate.

For the viewing wear flat shoes. For the viewing of the body you will be standing for awhile and will want to wear comfortable shoes. However, tennis shoes are disrespectful and casual flip-flops are just too casual. I am wearing ballet flats, because they are the perfect mix of comfortable and formal. I don’t suggest wearing heels for the viewing because you will be standing for hours and don’t want to have to excuse yourself because of your aching feet.

Wear waterproof mascara and wear light makeup. Now is not the time to experiment with your makeup, because you will probably be around family you haven’t seen in awhile. Also, when you undoubtedly cry you don’t want to have streaks of makeup coming on because you caked makeup on so much. Waterproof mascara is a bit of no brainer, but don’t forget because you don’t want to have smeared black lines crawling down your face.

And just don’t worry too much what people will think. While it is important to wear something respect you don’t want to dwell on it too much, because everyone will be too focused on their grief to notice your outfit unless it is really out there. It is difficult to see people after you have gone through something traumatic and you worry about putting off the right impression. However, as long as you follow my guidelines you will be set for your funeral. And don’t forget getting a funeral dress is a great excuse to go shopping.

I haven’t written in a few days, because there has been a tragedy this week. The entire family has been trying to deal with it and I just haven’t felt any inspiration to write. After all, you wouldn’t want to read something if I didn’t put my heart into it. To add insult to injury I’ve been sick on top of all we’ve been dealing with, so I haven’t given much thought to the blog. However, I don’t want to neglect it and have a feeling that keeping up with it will help me through my pain.

I made a decision about the blog before we heard the news about the tragedy and my decision was that I was going to start writing on the blog every other day. I figured this way I could put more time and effort into each post. Quality over quantity. (Which means fewer mistakes and I won’t be editing it after I post it anymore) Occasionally I may post more often because I am just itching to, but I will try to resist the temptation. So, for the next week or two I am going to be experimenting with posting every other day. And yes, despite the tragedy I will begin posting again. Although, I might be feeling too emotional this weekend and not have the strength to do it, but for sure by next Wednesday I will be posting again.

{December 1, 2007}   Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet

Today I was supposed to clean out my closet. I was going to do this, because I wanted to get rid of stuff and so I could realize what I have.  Cleaning out your closet can help get you organized and get rid of what stuff you don’t need.  Sometimes we don’t even realize what clothes we have, because they are all bunched together. Some reasons for cleaning your closet are: growing, it has become too unorganized, you don’t have room, or your style has changed. Below are the steps to cleaning out your closet efficiently.

1. First take everything out of your closet, so that your closet is completely bare. Make sure there is nothing in there, so you can figure out how much space you have and how much stuff you can fit inside realistically. I personally set everything on my bed, because it forces me to complete the task if I want to go to sleep.

2. I highly recommend you clean the closet while it is empty using some household cleaning products. We spend so much money buying clothes, so we should take good care of them. By getting rid of the dust we won’t have to wash our outfits as much and this can prevent stains.

3. Get two baskets. The first basket is for outfits you are throwing away, because they are too trashed to give away or selling. The second basket is for donating or selling. If you don’t like the outfit, never wear, or it doesn’t fit you put it in the donation/selling basic. If the outfit is damaged beyond repair then put it in the throw away basket. A lot of people are pack rats and hate to give away stuff, but if you are never going to use something it is just taking up precious space.

Ask yourself these questions when determining whether or to put the piece of clothing into one of the two piles: When was the last time I wore it? Does it fit me anymore? (Try it on to see) Do I even like it and does it match anything in my closet?

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{November 30, 2007}   An Overview of November’s Posts

It is the last day of November, so I decided to put up a piece that gives an overview of my blog posts this month. I plan to do this the last day of every month from now on. Since my blog hasn’t even been around for a full month this won’t be as long as my future end of the month overviews. I figured that if you go back and look at previous months this would be a simple way to figure out which posts interest you.

I won’t only be talking about the new posts, but what progress has occurred on the site in about a paragraph. Well, I started my blog 17 days ago and I am impressed with the progress it is having. I understood when I first created this blog that I wouldn’t be having too many viewers in the first month, but I am excited to announce I have hit 200 page views. While, this might not be too exciting compared to site who get hundreds time more per day you have to start out small. Also, next month I plan on being more consistent with posting. This month was more about tinkering and brainstorming how things will work, so I believe I am starting to get the hang of it. The biggest news is that either next month or early next year I will be most likely obtaining my own domain. I’m very excited about this prospect and if you know of any exceptional domain hosts please let me know. Now for a description for each of the posts this month.

My introduction post gives information about why I started the blog and my motivation behind all my posts. It also gives some basic history about when I started liking fashion and why. This was my first post ever for the blog, which was kicked off on November 13th. Now for an overview of the posts I wrote in the blog this month, so you can decide for yourself which ones you are interested in without having to go through all the posts.

My next post was one of my most popular posts and has got the most hits out of the rest so far. My Add Personality To Your Clothes Article was about adding personality to your outfits and was one of my most thought out  articles. It has a quiz to help you define your fashion and then tells you what to do with what you learned about yourself.

I had an idea to occasionally post the outfit I wore that day to give people ideas from what I am wearing to possibly incorporate in their outfits. So far I’ve posted one called Today’s Outfit where I’m wearing a dress that keeps from being average with a ruffled shirt underneath.

I created a place for you to ask your fashion questions that I could answer in future articles. I did this so my articles could be relevant to what my readers are interested in.

My makeover of my friend Jessie with her consent took the most effort to write. It is a two part article. In the Before Section of it gives a picture taken before the makeover and what she wanted out of the makeover along with some fashion questions she asked. The After of the Makeover gives pictures of her transformation and descriptive details of what occurred in the makeover. It gives information of how we did her makeup and why certain outfits she tried on looked good or could have looked better on her.

I decided to make a list of my favorite fashion trends this season since magazines discuss the trends of the season, but they don’t discuss what looks best on people and why or why not they like the trends. I also wrote it so people would know where I get some of my inspiration for outfits.

Many high school seems as if they are overrun by Hollister look alikes and it makes you wonder if when we are older we are all going to dress exactly like people do now. It seems as if people can’t think for themselves and I wrote an article why being a fashion clone is negative and what a positive effect choosing fashion for yourself is.

We had put up the Christmas tree soon after Thanksgiving and I decided to get into the Christmas season by putting up a post about what clothes I had on my Christmas List and the pros and cons of each item. I figured it would give people some ideas of possible outfits for Christmas if they were stumped.

Lately, I have become very intrigued by style icons who are still influential after their deaths. Audrey Hepburn sparked my attention in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and so I began to research as I result she became my favorite dead actress. Her style influences designers even today, so I decided to write an article about why she is my style icon of the past.

So, that’s all the articles from this month and I hope you enjoyed this overview of the blog. It is the end of the first month for this blog and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Please give me some feed back about how I could improve my overviews for each month, because I plan on doing this at the end of every month.

Audrey Hepburn, Image from

“Breakfast At Tiffany’s” and “Audrey Hepburn”. Those phrases might strike as familiar, but do you really know the impact they had on the world? Namely the fashion world. Audrey Hepburn continues to have a major influence on the fashion world despite the fact that she is dead. She made an impact through elegance unlike most icons of her era such as Marilyn Monroe who attracted everyone’s attention through playboy and barely there outfits. Aubrey is my favorite fashion icon of the past and wasn’t even that into fashion, which is rather ironic. Despite that fact she is still is regarded by many fashion experts as one their biggest influences.

Those oversize sunglasses you are wearing that are so in fashion, who do you think originally started the trend? Aubrey wore them in one movie and suddenly the entire nation jumped on the bandwagon. Before that wire frames were the trend. Without her they might have continued to be in fashion.

And that little black dress? This essential to everyone’s wardrobe began with Audrey wearing it in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She is a pillar of today’s fashion, but she did it in a non-flashy way and didn’t even try to draw attention to herself. The outfits just looked natural and effortless on her that people were desperate to be like her.

Coco Chanel started the trend for pearls, but Aubrey mainstreamed them years later. Pearls are an indispensable accessory and are a timeless piece that never has never faded. Fashions of the past are coming back into fashion, but her two staple pieces, little black dresses and pearls, have remained in fashion all these years. A little black dress and pearls have always been named the pinnacle of elegance.

So those three items are most associated with her than the other trends she started. Capri pants of all colors and ballet flats were also made mainstream by her. This isn’t a well known fact and I even I was surprised when I discovered this. Another little known fact about her is that the famous movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” was not written to star her. Her most famous piece was designed for Mariliyn Monroe, but Audrey got the part and I belive the film wouldn’t be as unique without her. Audrey acts as Holly with naievty and innocence while Marilyn would sent the film in the complete opposite direction.

So now when people begin to discuss Audrey Hepburn you actually know why she is famous for her fashion and when you look at next year’s styles you will be able to pick apart which pieces were influenced by her.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” -Audrey Hepburn

{November 26, 2007}   Some Clothes From My Christmas List

So I was looking through some websites for some outfits that I might want for Christmas. I know it is a little early to start thinking about that stuff yet, because it isn’t even December yet! However, last year we didn’t even start getting ready for Christmas until a few days before so maybe being prepared is worthwhile. So, if you are unsure what you want on your Christmas List read on.

1. Pleated Plaid Mini Skirt- I saw this skirt on and immediately loved the color design. I love black and pink together, because they are complete opposites when people think of the stereotypes of the two colors. The button design is gorgeous and has a unique look. I love how there are two buttons on each of the two ends instead of the ordinary giant button in the middle. The only downside is that it is 12.5 inches long which might be too mini.

2. Plead Tweed Coat- Here we go again more plaid with black and pink coloring. I saw this and really loved the pattern and cut of it. It looks very comfortable and like something I could wear with numerous outfit combination because you can see the top of the outfit due the cut. The only problem is that because it is a coat I’m not sure how long I will be able to wear it because it is rather seasonal. Plus at a steep price tag of 40 dollars at Forever 21 I’m not sure if its worth it, but I’m not expecting any of this just getting ideas together.

3. Satin Robe Tunic- I saw this and immediately loved the zen aspect of the outfit and because it reminded me of Japan. I can almost feel the smooth, silky fabric clinging to my skin. I really like this and it has some potential in my wardrobe because it has a black color which matches pretty much everything. However, once again at Forever Twenty One it is overpriced at 38 dollars.

4. Maggie Shoe In Pewter- So the first time I saw these shoes I wasn’t sure about them, but I’ve really started to love them. They have a really retro feel to them and remind me of something my mother would have worn when she was younger. The color is great and I have a feeling will match the majority of my wardrobe. Plus they are ankle boots which are listed on my Top 5 Favorite Trends Article. They have a 3.5 inch heel and I’m worried because of my klutziness I might fall.

Pleated Plaid Mini Plaid Tweed Coat Satin Tunic RobeMaggie Shoes In Pewter

         Number One                     Number Two                             Number Three                              Number Four

{November 25, 2007}   Fashion Clones

Why are there so many Hollister clones at schools? Why does it seem like everyone is too terrified to make their own fashion decisions? People are so terrified of what other people will think they refuse to be different and let themselves stand out. They don’t realize how much blending in will hurt them.

Blending in with everyone else may work for the short term, but hinders them in the long term. By stepping out of their safe zone they are letting themselves be vulnerable and that scares people. It may scare people so much that they never step out of their comfort zone.

By taking that first tiny step of making fashion decisions they are allowing themselves to step out of their safe zone in more crucial situations. If people don’t take chances with small things like this how will be they able to step out of their comfort zones and take  a chance with something like running their own business? If entrepreneurs hadn’t quit their day job and taken a chance they wouldn’t be earning the money they are today. There was a risk when they quit their job and maybe they failed. But they can always go back and get their jobs. However, if they hadn’t tried they never would have had a chance.

People are fearful of what their friends will think of them if they change their fashion. And they have reason to, because sometimes people won’t like you anymore when you change. If your friends don’t like you anymore than you are lucky, because you find out who your true friends are. One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” A real friend will be with you no matter how you change and won’t try to control you.

By experimenting with styles you are discovering what you like. The worst that will happen is someone won’t like it. And what is that big deal if someone doesn’t like it? You just brush it off and keep feeling fabulous, because at least you like. Fashion isn’t about trying to please everyone, because no matter how hard you try not everyone is going to like the stuff you wear or even you in general. That’s just life. Fashion should be about wearing what you like and expressing your individuality, so the next time you are in a clothing store try on something you love but aren’t sure your friends will like try it on.  Accepting yourself is way more fulfilling than having other people accept you.

I decided to make a list of my favorite trends, because there have been a lot of trends that have inspired me. I don’t really follow trends too much, but get inspiration from them for outfit ideas. To me trends are merely guidelines that can be kept or brushed away.

5) Ankle Boots– The only kind of ankle boots I like are the ones with heels on them, but those are one of my favorite categories of shoes. I hold them in high esteem, because they really emphasize the ankle and gives off a very distinct look. Also, heels in general make your legs look skinner and more toned.

4) Grey Skinny Jeans– Grey is supposed to the “it” color this season, so it was perfect for jeans to also follow this trend. The first time I saw the grey skinny jeans in a magazine I fell in love. I instantly wanted a pair, because grey matches practically everything. Also, like most people the majority of my jeans are blue so I was excited to add some variety. The skinny jeans may have been in style last year, but this adds some flavor and keeps the trend from becoming repetitive.

3) Colored Leggings– Colored Leggings are so high fashion. Black leggings is fine, but when you are at a party it just screams “safe!”. Vibrantly colored leggings can really pull an outfit together especially if you pair them with an all black outfit which gives it a pop of color. This is one of my favorite trends, because you can have so many varieties of unique colors and it can pull an outfit together you weren’t sure how to match.

2) Jumper– I have really fallen in love with the jumper this season. The style is a very classic look from many years ago and shows that styles’ appeal can still stay after all these years. A jumper paired a with a shirt underneath gives off a school girl-ish look and emphasizes the bust without giving off much cleavage and remaining cute. Also, it is very versatile. During the hotter times it allows you to be able to wear it just as a dress while in the frigid months you can pair it with a long sleeve shirt underneath and jeans.

1) Baby Doll– The baby doll look is my favorite fashion trend for a legion of reasons. I’m so sick of all the girls who are trying to look overly sexy when they are only ten years old. When you try to hard to look sexy it just cheapens the look, but the baby doll goes for cute over sexy similar to gothic lolita.  I’m in love with lace, ruffles, and pretty patterns so this the perfect look for me. It is perfect, because it lets you look cute without going to an extreme and making you look like a five year old.

et cetera