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{December 20, 2007}   Blogging Goals for 2008

I hadn’t expected to keep up with my blog when I first started it. I’m passionate about my subject, but I was woried I wouldn’t stick with it. However, I have really fallen in love with blogging. I’m still as excited about the blog as I was when I wrote my first post about why I started the blog. It such a great way to express your emotions and reach a large amount of people. The subject of unique style is very important to me and the reason I stayed with it was, because I’m passionate about indiviuality. I know with all my heart I’m going to keep up with the blog or else I would’ve stopped weeks ago. I even plan on buying a domain to invest in this dream.

I’ve blogged for a little over a month and have hit an exciting milestone of over 500 views (not including my views). My page views spiked when I won a WordPress for Dummies book at and I wanted to say thanks. So, when I came accross the Blogging Goals Project for 2008 at Daily Blog Tips I was inspired by my recent success and decided to particpate in the contest. I figured writing out my goals would help me focus on achieving certain things instead of trying to tackle mutliple targets without results. My goals are:

  • Get my own domain and host it at
  • Be constant about writing every other day
  • Get 25 diggs on one of my posts
  • Get one of my posts linked to a large site
  • Be able to recoup my costs of getting my own host
  • Have a guest blogger
  • Get a unique design for my blog
  • Each month have the number of page views increase from the previous month
  • I also want to increase my amout of subscribers each month
  • Have at least 5 pictures in my posts a month

Thanks for the great year so far and I hope all these goals come true. If you have any tips or ideas let me know.


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