Fashion By Jenni

“There is more than one style of Lolita?” My friend asked me this question and I decided I would explain it in a post. If you are unsure what exactly Gothic Lolita is and how to wear the traditional style check out my post titled “What is Gothic Lolita“. Instead of just explaining the different styles I decided to go further in depth and explain how to wear them.

  • Wa Lolita– This category of Lolita is mixture of traditional Japanese culture and Lolita. When wearing this style you must follow the basic rules and go for a cute look. I would recommend wearing a kimono with a petticoat underneath, chunky boots, and lacy bow. Or you can wear a lacy Lolita dress with a geta (traditional Japanese boots) and an obi that matches the dress. You can can combine the accesories as long as they complement each other or wear just one of them.
  • Sweet Lolita– This style is very girly and frilly. It is the most child-like of the Lolita styles. Teddy bears and dolls are desirable accessories for this style. Pastels such as pink, baby blue, and pale colors are great colors to use, but avoid the color black or anything considered dreary. Prints look great with this style such as hearts or flowers. An example of an outfit would be a pink lacy dress with a petticoat, chunky pink boots, a bonnet, white knee highs, and a parasol.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita– Mana coined the term EGL and therefore unless you buy from his brand you aren’t wearing the style. Mana is a cross-dressing member of the band Malice Mizer and was the person who made Gothic Lolita popular. This style goes by the same guidelines as Classic Lolita and the only major difference is candlesticks are a commonly designed detail.
  •  Gothic Aristocrats/Classic Lolita– This fashion is a version of Gothic Lolita for older or more mature women. The length of the dresses and skirts are around ankle length compared to the mini to knee length of Gothic Lolita. Also, there are fewer frills and accessories than Gothic Lolita. The colors are more subdued and the outfits over all less daring. An idea for an outfit would be a black ankle length dress without a petticoat, a white long sleeve shirt with tight sleeves underneath the dress, and minimal accesories.
  • Pirate Lolita– It’s Jack Sparrow mixed with Gothic Lolita. The outfit should follow the rules of Gothic Lolita outlined in my “What is Gothic Lolita?” post, but have some pirate characteristics. We usually think of skankily dressed girl when we think of a woman pirate, but with this style you must aim for cute with a pirate flair. An example of an outfit would be a black Gothic Lolita dress, a compass necklace, skull leggings, and leather pirate boots.

These categories all are forms of Lolita. Gothic Lolita is another category of it (although it is the most popular and well known). A common misconception is that these categories are all forms of Gothic Lolita. Check out this great video of Lolita dresses for inspiration. The video’s outfits have the different categories of Lolita and is just named wrong. For some more inspiration check out my post about my favorite Lolita outfits from Metamorphis.


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