Fashion By Jenni

In my last article I addressed the question of what Gothic Lolita is and how to wear some essential parts of the fashion. I gave examples of how to wear intricate parts of fashion, but I didn’t show any outfits. So, I decided I would continue writing about Gothic Lolita and talk about my favorite outfits from a prominent Goth Loli website called Metamorphose.

1. Pin-Tuck Ribbon Pinafore Dress in Antique White– I love how A-line this dress is and it is a perfect example of how the bottom is supposed to gradually get wider. There are bows and ruffles, but not to an extreme. There are just enough of them to stay cute and let it be versatile for any occasion. I would match this with some black leggings for contrast and a flower in my hair.

2. Blouse with Cape in Black– Blouses are indispensable if you are serious about this fashion style. I love the cape on this, because it is unique and different from anything else I’ve seen. Also, it the cape comes off, so you can have two different looks. The lace embroidery is a nice touch and is one of my favorite fabric materials. This shirt can go with pretty much anything, but I would love it with something white because of the contrast.

3. Velveteen High Waist Skirt in Dark Red– Normally I don’t like high waisted skirts, but this outfit is an exception. The white lining on the tiers is so elegant and makes it look very crisp. You tuck in a white blouse so that the criss-cross back and bows show. The problem with this outfit is if you don’t tuck it in you don’t get show off the equsitite design.

4. Yoke Switched Flared Dress in Black– My favorite aspect of this dress is the black ruffles running down the sides that emphasize your waist. The criss-cross in the back allows you tighten the waist so it can be tighter on you. Just make sure it isn’t too tight or else there will be bulges, which is never pretty. The top isn’t low cut at all and shows that being modest is gorgeous.

5. Pannier with Lace in Black– This is what makes the skirts poof out and gives off the beautiful silhouette. The reason skirts need to be looser is so panniers and petticoats can fit underneath them. These come in a variety colors, because if you see the bottom of the pannier than it can complement the color of the skirt. However, you are supposed to avoid seeing it because we are aiming for elegance not sexy.

Browse around the site if you enjoy these outfits, but be wary because the entire site is not in English. The company does mail outside of Japan, but the prices are a little on the expensive side. Round about two zeros off to get around how much it would be. This isn’t surefire, because the rate goes up and down daily. The pictures below are in the order mentioned.

Pin-Tuck Ribbon Pinafore   Blouse with Cape in Black  Velveteen High Waist Skirt in Dark Red

 Yoke Switched Flared Dress in Black Black Pannier


et cetera