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{April 17, 2012}   Kids Cowboy Boots for Spring

Spring is a great time to own a pair of kids’ cowboy boots. Your feet will stay warm and comfortable whenever you wear them. After you wear your western boots a few times they will start to mold to your feet. Can you say that about your other shoes or boots?

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{May 4, 2010}   Playboy Fashion

Playboy Intimates fashion show held in Italy. See much more of Playboy fashion here!

The first show was last night but don’t panic. If you like looking at Playboy girls in bikinis then you get one more chance tonight, at 6.00pm at Central. Don’t miss it.

{January 12, 2008}   Goodbye For Now

I’ve enjoyed posting, but I feel its time for me to take a break. I can assure you that the second I cancel my break I will annouce it on the blog. If you want to read some new articles than read some past articles on the blog you may have missed. I will check on here, so commenting me on here will get you the quickest response. I also occasionally check my email.

Always remember that you should be unique and wear what you feel like. Since I’m no longer posting for awhile remember this quote by Dr. Seuss when you are thinking about your fashion style, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

{December 31, 2007}   An Overview of December’s Posts

This post is part of my monthly ritual of giving an overview of the month’s posts and progress on the last day of the month. December has been my first full month of posting and I have made more progress than I expected.

Last month, according to my Overview of November’s Posts, I had hit 200 page views and was ecstatic. At the time of this post I have hit 800 overall page views or 600 this month. I obtained many of these views from winning a contest for a “WordPress for Dummies” book at The largest change in the blog this month was my decision to write every other day, so my posts are written better and aren’t rushed. Occasionally, I skip a day or write posts back to back. However, I am trying to become more consistent about my posting style. Another thing I changed is the format of this month’s overview, so it is easier to skim and read the parts you are interested in. I can’t believe this is the last post of the month, but I hope next year is more amazing than this year.

Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet– This was my first post of the month, yet the longest post of the entire month. On that day I was supposed to clean out my closet, but decided write a post about cleaning out my closet first. The post ended up motivating me to finish my closet. The guide has step by step instructions and gives specific examples of what I do when I clean out my own closet.

Decision about posting frequency– I describe the reason why I had taken a few days off from posting due to personal reasons, but I also describe the executive decision I made for the blog. The posts goes into detail about why I am posting every other day versus every single day.

How to Dress for A Funeral– During a time of grief you don’t want to worry about what you are going to wear to a funeral of a loved one. I give some basic guide lines to follow and gives some does and don’ts about how to dress. Read it so you can just spend your time grieving instead of worrying about accidentally offending someone.

Betsey Johnson’s Holiday Showcase– I could never justify spending 400 dollars on a dress, but I can’t help gazing at her gorgeous creations. Her dresses are one of the few designer outfits that you can’t find a replica for 90 percent of the price. I love unique styles and I describe in the article what I love about her dresses. If I were good at sewing I would make similar dresses. Do you agree with my choices for my favorite dresses?

America’s Next Top Model Winner Should’ve Been Jenah– I was annoyed when Saleisha won instead of Jenah. The reason Jenah didn’t go into the final two is because of her personality. Does modeling have anything to do with personality? I thought modeling was all about taking fantastic pictures, but not according to Tyra. She said Jenah needed to be a role model, but I thought she was better role model than the other girls. I’m sick of the exact type of girls winning ANTM. They are all generic clones with the exact same overly happy personality.

What is Gothic Lolita?– I’ve had numerous people ask what Gothic Lolita is, so I decided to post the linguistics of it and how to wear the style. This is a great beginners guide for people interested in wearing Gothic Lolita. I have written the guidelines to wearing it, so you can add your own creativity to the style while staying within boundaries.

My Favorite Gothic Lolita Clothing from Metamorphose– This ended up being my most popular post of the month. My guess is that people are looking for outfits to wear that are Gothic Lolita and they wanted to read about the pros and cons of each of these outfits. After all, these outfits aren’t cheap, because they have to be shipped all the way from Japan and dollar isn’t doing to well against the yen.

How to Wear the Categories of Lolita– Many people who know what Lolita is are under the impression that Gothic Lolita is the only type. I assumed this too until I discovered there were numerous categories and this was a common stereotype. There is everything from Pirate Lolita to Classic Lolita. In the article I describe what the different categories are and ways to wear them.

Blogging Goals for 2008– The new year arrives soon and I wanted to have my goals written out. Plus, I wanted to enter the contest. I have all my goals written out for next year. If you are intrigued to see where my vision for Fashion By Jenni than read on.

A Review of We Love Color Tights– I bought three pairs of tights at the site We Love Colors. I was ecstatic when they finally arrived, but grew disappointed the moment I tried a pair on. The post has the pros and cons of buying the tights. There is a lot of room for improvement and it is up to your personal opinion to decide whether the negative outweighs the positive. I wrote this review, so you could know what you are getting into before you buy them.

Review of Express Tights– When I returned my We Love Color tights I was still in need of some colored tights. I was too cautious to be optimistic after my last purchase, but I wasn’t disappointed this time. There were a few negatives, but I felt the pros far outweighed the cons. You can read it and make your own opinion of whether or not they are worthwhile.

{December 26, 2007}   Review of Express Tights

In my last article I gave a review of We Love Color tights and explained my decision to return them. I love the colored tights trend as I mentioned in my favorite fashion trends of the season article. I decided to buy my tights at Express and I wasn’t disappointed. These are my thoughts about my purchase:

The material is good quality.These tights stretch without fear of ripping and they didn’t tear despite my momentarily raggedy toenails. The material feels soft and are more comfortable to wear. According to the package the materials in the Express tights are 95% nylon and 5% lycra. So, if you are allergic or don’t like the feeling of either material than you might not find them as comfortable as I did.

The tights fit me better overall. The material sits evenly on my legs and doesn’t bag at the bottom. The We Love Color tights had a tendency to not stay centered on my legs. They would have parts that were stretched out and others that were too loose. The Express tights remain tight and the material stays evened out.

The tights are low waisted. Some people may prefer tights that are high waisted, but I feel that low waisted tights are more versatile. You can wear either a high or low waisted skirt without them showing. Also, you don’t have to roll them and have a humongous bulge.

There wasn’t as many colors available. The We Love Colors website boasts 45 different colors, which was a factor in my decision to order them. Express had less than 10 colors available, but there may have been more at different stores. The colors at Express were ones that would go with a variety of colors and many of them were primary. The colors included: blue, yellow, green, pink, and red.

The price of the tights were expensive. Fifteen dollars for one pair of tights at Express was a fifty percent markup from eight dollars a tight at WLC (We Love Colors). However, I felt they were worthwhile, because the overall quality was better. The price may limit the number you buy, but if you buy ones that match your wardrobe you won’t need many.

The sizing chart used your overall height, but the weight was more precise. I wish that tights wouldn’t use your overall height, because different people have different leg lengths even if they have the same heights. The weight was more precise. The package said 90-155 pounds while at WLC it just said under 300 pounds. The problem is that some of the people may weigh 110 pounds while others weigh 290, yet they are wearing the same pair of tights.

I don’t plan on returning these tights and am glad to have found some that fit me correctly. Have you bought colored tights at Express or elsewhere? In what colors?

{December 22, 2007}   A Review of We Love Color Tights

A few days ago I received three pairs of colored tights from the website We Love Colors. I had been looking for some tights, because they are one of my favorite fashion trends as I mentioned in My Top Five Favorite Fashion Trends This Season Article. After they arrived I tried a pair on to see how they would fit, but I had some discrepancies with them. The problem with the internet is that you don’t know how they will turn out until they arrive, so I wrote this article to tell how they really are from a fellow consumer’s standpoint.

They are high waisted. I dislike high waisted clothing and enjoy wearing my pants and skirts lower on my hips. I can’t even stand jeans being at my belly button, but these pants were exponentially high waisted. When I tried them on they were a little less than an inch below my rib cage and I’m long waisted! A possible solution would have been to roll them, but then I would have a giant bulge. I want an item that fits correctly.

The charts to order them are inaccurate. The charts on the website go by your overall height starting from your toes to your head. However, we all have different proportions. If I was the owner of the business I would have you measure your length of your legs, because the length of the rest of your body doesn’t matter. For example the tights may be too short on someone who has a short torso and long legs. Their legs will be longer than someone who has the overall same height, but has a longer torso and shorter legs. They are the same height and get the same size tights, but have different leg sizes. This is inaccurate, because the tights length depends on the length of your legs not the rest of your body.

They were baggy on me. My legs aren’t wide, but they aren’t extremely thin either. I have muscular legs, so I was surprised the tights were so loose on me. The size I ordered was for under 300 pounds, but it was the only one I could get because of my height. I wish there would have been more options available

I loved the colors of the tights. There were around 45 different colors available on the site to choose from. The colors ranged from neon pink to royal blue. With such a wide span of colors you could pick any color you can think of. When I received the package I wasn’t surprised by the color they ended up being, because they were the same color that was shown on the site. I’ve ordered items online before that have looked nothing like what was shown on the website.

I was elated there was a 30 day money back guarantee. The guarantee says that if you have any problems with the tights, even if you just don’t like them, they will take them back. However, you have to pay for shipping and handling, which was about half of what we paid for them. However, I figured if I wasn’t going to wear them, because they didn’t fit it would be a waste of money to keep them. Also, if they were worn or unsellable than you have to pay an additional restocking fee. We haven’t returned them, yet so I’m hoping we don’t have to pay for the restocking fee.

Overall, I felt that the negatives outweighed the positive and I believe making the decision to return them was the right one. I will miss the variety of colors. However, I plan on going to Express to get some tights, because at least I can try them on there. They may be more expensive, but they are low waisted and not loose on me. Also, I can try them on to make sure I like them. I was really excited about them until they arrived and I tried them on. So, I wanted prevent anyone else from feeling that disappointment and letting you know what you are receiving before you buy them.

{December 20, 2007}   Blogging Goals for 2008

I hadn’t expected to keep up with my blog when I first started it. I’m passionate about my subject, but I was woried I wouldn’t stick with it. However, I have really fallen in love with blogging. I’m still as excited about the blog as I was when I wrote my first post about why I started the blog. It such a great way to express your emotions and reach a large amount of people. The subject of unique style is very important to me and the reason I stayed with it was, because I’m passionate about indiviuality. I know with all my heart I’m going to keep up with the blog or else I would’ve stopped weeks ago. I even plan on buying a domain to invest in this dream.

I’ve blogged for a little over a month and have hit an exciting milestone of over 500 views (not including my views). My page views spiked when I won a WordPress for Dummies book at and I wanted to say thanks. So, when I came accross the Blogging Goals Project for 2008 at Daily Blog Tips I was inspired by my recent success and decided to particpate in the contest. I figured writing out my goals would help me focus on achieving certain things instead of trying to tackle mutliple targets without results. My goals are:

  • Get my own domain and host it at
  • Be constant about writing every other day
  • Get 25 diggs on one of my posts
  • Get one of my posts linked to a large site
  • Be able to recoup my costs of getting my own host
  • Have a guest blogger
  • Get a unique design for my blog
  • Each month have the number of page views increase from the previous month
  • I also want to increase my amout of subscribers each month
  • Have at least 5 pictures in my posts a month

Thanks for the great year so far and I hope all these goals come true. If you have any tips or ideas let me know.

“There is more than one style of Lolita?” My friend asked me this question and I decided I would explain it in a post. If you are unsure what exactly Gothic Lolita is and how to wear the traditional style check out my post titled “What is Gothic Lolita“. Instead of just explaining the different styles I decided to go further in depth and explain how to wear them.

  • Wa Lolita– This category of Lolita is mixture of traditional Japanese culture and Lolita. When wearing this style you must follow the basic rules and go for a cute look. I would recommend wearing a kimono with a petticoat underneath, chunky boots, and lacy bow. Or you can wear a lacy Lolita dress with a geta (traditional Japanese boots) and an obi that matches the dress. You can can combine the accesories as long as they complement each other or wear just one of them.
  • Sweet Lolita– This style is very girly and frilly. It is the most child-like of the Lolita styles. Teddy bears and dolls are desirable accessories for this style. Pastels such as pink, baby blue, and pale colors are great colors to use, but avoid the color black or anything considered dreary. Prints look great with this style such as hearts or flowers. An example of an outfit would be a pink lacy dress with a petticoat, chunky pink boots, a bonnet, white knee highs, and a parasol.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita– Mana coined the term EGL and therefore unless you buy from his brand you aren’t wearing the style. Mana is a cross-dressing member of the band Malice Mizer and was the person who made Gothic Lolita popular. This style goes by the same guidelines as Classic Lolita and the only major difference is candlesticks are a commonly designed detail.
  •  Gothic Aristocrats/Classic Lolita– This fashion is a version of Gothic Lolita for older or more mature women. The length of the dresses and skirts are around ankle length compared to the mini to knee length of Gothic Lolita. Also, there are fewer frills and accessories than Gothic Lolita. The colors are more subdued and the outfits over all less daring. An idea for an outfit would be a black ankle length dress without a petticoat, a white long sleeve shirt with tight sleeves underneath the dress, and minimal accesories.
  • Pirate Lolita– It’s Jack Sparrow mixed with Gothic Lolita. The outfit should follow the rules of Gothic Lolita outlined in my “What is Gothic Lolita?” post, but have some pirate characteristics. We usually think of skankily dressed girl when we think of a woman pirate, but with this style you must aim for cute with a pirate flair. An example of an outfit would be a black Gothic Lolita dress, a compass necklace, skull leggings, and leather pirate boots.

These categories all are forms of Lolita. Gothic Lolita is another category of it (although it is the most popular and well known). A common misconception is that these categories are all forms of Gothic Lolita. Check out this great video of Lolita dresses for inspiration. The video’s outfits have the different categories of Lolita and is just named wrong. For some more inspiration check out my post about my favorite Lolita outfits from Metamorphis.

In my last article I addressed the question of what Gothic Lolita is and how to wear some essential parts of the fashion. I gave examples of how to wear intricate parts of fashion, but I didn’t show any outfits. So, I decided I would continue writing about Gothic Lolita and talk about my favorite outfits from a prominent Goth Loli website called Metamorphose.

1. Pin-Tuck Ribbon Pinafore Dress in Antique White– I love how A-line this dress is and it is a perfect example of how the bottom is supposed to gradually get wider. There are bows and ruffles, but not to an extreme. There are just enough of them to stay cute and let it be versatile for any occasion. I would match this with some black leggings for contrast and a flower in my hair.

2. Blouse with Cape in Black– Blouses are indispensable if you are serious about this fashion style. I love the cape on this, because it is unique and different from anything else I’ve seen. Also, it the cape comes off, so you can have two different looks. The lace embroidery is a nice touch and is one of my favorite fabric materials. This shirt can go with pretty much anything, but I would love it with something white because of the contrast.

3. Velveteen High Waist Skirt in Dark Red– Normally I don’t like high waisted skirts, but this outfit is an exception. The white lining on the tiers is so elegant and makes it look very crisp. You tuck in a white blouse so that the criss-cross back and bows show. The problem with this outfit is if you don’t tuck it in you don’t get show off the equsitite design.

4. Yoke Switched Flared Dress in Black– My favorite aspect of this dress is the black ruffles running down the sides that emphasize your waist. The criss-cross in the back allows you tighten the waist so it can be tighter on you. Just make sure it isn’t too tight or else there will be bulges, which is never pretty. The top isn’t low cut at all and shows that being modest is gorgeous.

5. Pannier with Lace in Black– This is what makes the skirts poof out and gives off the beautiful silhouette. The reason skirts need to be looser is so panniers and petticoats can fit underneath them. These come in a variety colors, because if you see the bottom of the pannier than it can complement the color of the skirt. However, you are supposed to avoid seeing it because we are aiming for elegance not sexy.

Browse around the site if you enjoy these outfits, but be wary because the entire site is not in English. The company does mail outside of Japan, but the prices are a little on the expensive side. Round about two zeros off to get around how much it would be. This isn’t surefire, because the rate goes up and down daily. The pictures below are in the order mentioned.

Pin-Tuck Ribbon Pinafore   Blouse with Cape in Black  Velveteen High Waist Skirt in Dark Red

 Yoke Switched Flared Dress in Black Black Pannier

{December 14, 2007}   What is Gothic Lolita?

Whenever I mention the words “Gothic Lolita” everyone seems to be confused as to exactly what that means. Even one of my friends who is very informed about the Japanese culture was befuddled. Basically, Gothic Lolita or Goth Loli is an extremely popular fashion trend in Japan and has seeped into America’s culture gradually.

The reason I love this fashion is that instead of trying to be sexy the aim of this fashion is to look cute. I mentioned in my Top Five Favorite Fashion Trends Post that trying to be sexy cheapens you and how I wish we could aim to just look cute. The Lolita look was inspired from the Victorian era when everything was more proper. Japan is moving towards looking proper while us Westerners are trying to wear as little clothing as possible.

Aspects of the Gothic Lolita outfits are:

  • Petticoats- The purpose of petticoats is to add volume to the skirts. As a general rule petticoats are supposed to do their job without being shown. Having the skirt poof out is an essential part of the Gothic Lolita look. The reason you don’t look wide while wearing one is because it gradually gets wider and the rest of outfit is tighter in comparison.
  • Blouses- Frilly blouses are very elegant and really add to the outfit. The goal when you are putting together a Lolita outfit is to aim for elegance. Make sure the blouses aren’t too short and cover your belly, because we are aspiring for cute not sexy. Anything frilly will add to the outfit and long/puffy sleeves will work well with it. Just make sure you don’t wear any low cut blouses.
  • Skirts- They are around knee length or sometimes shorter, but make sure they aren’t a mini skirt. If they are out of your school or work dress code than they are definitely not right for this style. Tiered skirts are very prominent in this fashion.  Make sure the skirts aren’t very tight, because they need to be loose enough to wear a petticoat underneath them.
  • Dresses- Gothic Lolita dresses come in a variety of styles. Many of the same rules apply to the dresses that apply to blouses and skirts. The top must not be low cut and the bottom must not be too short. The sleeves come in a variety of styles. Try to avoid wearing a tank dress, because you don’t want your shoulders to show too much and never wear a tube dress with this fashion.
  • Accessories- Bonnets are often worn and give off a kid-ish feeling and feel dignified at the same time. Lace or bows also look nice in your hair as long as they match the outfit. Parasols are associated with this fashion and lace ones look fantastic. In Japan knee high socks are all the rage. Although, it doesn’t always show that it isn’t full length if you are wearing a knee length skirt. They look great with Gothic Lolita outfits and come in a variety of patterns and colors.
  • Materials- The materials of the outfits vary, but two of the most common are lace and cotton. Lace is great in moderation, but you don’t want the entire outfit in lace or else it cheapens the look. Cotton like in the U.S. is a very common outfit material and the majority of outfits use cotton in them. Velvet is another material used and in my opinion it looks best when that is the main fabric for a piece instead of being used in parts of the outfits. Many of the outfits use not just one fabric such as cotton with lace embroidery.

Gothic Lolita is my favorite style in the very style conscious nation of Japan. How couldn’t a country where the women spend eighty percent of their income on clothes have good fashion? Since I gave a basic synopsis on what Gothic Lolita is I plan to go more into depth on other aspects of it such as the sub categories of Lolita fashion and great places to shop for it. I am curious to hear your questions about the fashion.

et cetera